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Thermo-ProtectorThe flexible insulation for industry.

• ecologically and economically sensible
• high safety at work

Insulation up to +250 °C,
easy and efficient

With the novel insulation system Thermo-Protector, thermal insulation is less complicated and more efficient – even in the case of complex heat conduction systems.

Thermo-Protector is a new, ultra-flexible insulation system, developed by experts at  ContiTech.

It is easy to process, and is ideal for the thermal insulation and protection of flexible and complex conduction and piping systems and of components. Thermo-Protector provides reliable insulation, especially in setups involving high temperatures.


The product consists of a special silicone rubber blend with a self-vulcanizing formula starting at 80 °C.

Your advantages::


  • Excellent thermal insulation: The product minimizes heat dissipation.
  • Broad temperature range: The insulation system can be used at temperatures ranging from -50 °C to +250 °C.
  • Less work-related accidents: Thermo-Protector reduces the risk of getting burnt or suffering concussion injuries.
  • Various advantages: The product is self-adhesive, water-repellent, self-extinguishing and capable of resisting a wide range of media.
  • Robust quality: The material is resistant to both UV light and weathering.
  • Easy handling: Thermo-Protector is very flexible and ductile, easy to process and repair without the need of any adhesives and just as easy to remove.
  • Go Green: Thermo-Protector is an ecologically sensible innovation, as a molded part, it provides long service and is reusable. The material can be disposed of with household waste and is REACH-conform.
  • Independent inspection: checked by the Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.V. (FIW), a German research institute for heat protection.


Fields of Application:
Thermo-ProtectorThermo-Protector is the ideal solution for convoluted or flexible conduction or piping systems.

Compared to conventional insulating materials, this new product is much more versatile.

The self-vulcanizing insulation provides a reliable shield against heat, especially in applications involving high temperatures, like heating and hydraulic systems, thermal oil installations and vulcanization presses.

Thermo-Protector 3 mm thick:  980 x 320 mm or as 10 m roll with a width of 320 mm
Thermo-Protector 10 mm thick: 980 x 320 mm


Download Thermo-Protector Brochure as PDF file (2 MB)


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